Sunday, December 19, 2010

Willington Wonderland

I decided not to do my WeBs count at the lakes this morning as to avoid disturbance when the birds are struggling to survive. Can't get the car out the drive so a few images around the village captured instead - snow like this is a novelty and I couldn't resist a few pictures. Like a scene from the Narnia chronicles !


lulubelle said...

Oh, Robin - how utterly beautiful!! Just stunning! Am I understanding correctly that this is the village you live in? Oh, wow! What is the first building you show? Is the church next to the cemetary still active?

These photos made my day - thanks so much!

lulubelle said...

By the way, I am referring to the lone building in the second shot!

Robin Edwards said...

The building you refer to is a 16th Century Dovecote from the age of Henry VIII and all. Barn Owls and Kestrel sometimes nest in the roof. Oh and yes, the Church graveyard is still active - good for spotted Flycathers in summer as well.