Monday, August 29, 2011

Before I had a Canon

Before I had a camera and I managed to see a good bird, I would often sketch or do a quick watercolour from an image of the bird in question. Very occassionally I would try a sketch from life in the field but to be honest, I'm rubbish.

The Subalpine Warbler was seen earlier in the month at New Holland in Essex and didn't provide any photographic opportunities so I decided upon a simple watercolour instead. The lower montage was from ten years ago where I recorded ten species of Tern in the country and added each to the picture. I haven't improved but I still enjoy.


lulubelle said...

Rubbish?!!! Your drawings are quite beautiful!!! I love the montage of terns especially - just lovely!!!

Hope you are well! It is finally cooling off a bit here - may be only temporary though!

Robin Edwards said...

Hi lulubelle. thank you for your kind comments. I have work colleagues in DFW and they tell me how hot it's been of late. Hope the cooler weather brings some good birding for you.