Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Ramblings

The first twtichable Great White Egret at Radwell, for Bedfordshire following sighting of what is likely to be the same bird at Brogborough seen on 1st January.   Yes, it's white and great for local birding, but somewhat surprising this species has taken so long to grace the county.

I've learnt a lot recently about Thayer's Gull.  What it is, what it might be and what the various scientific research has concluded over time.
Well whatever this turns out to be, it certainly looks like an Immature Thayer's Gull to me in comparison to images taken in Northa America but might end up being deemed a sub-species of Iceland Gull rather a full species - either way it will only matter to those that cherish an extra tick on their list.  In the meantime, an interesting bird I'm glad I saw.  Elsham, Lincolnshire.

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