Sunday, September 02, 2012

Hobby in Willington

Last year I failed to put the time in at the right time of the day to record any subbuteo activity in the parish.  This year I chanced upon a dog-fight between a pair and some local Buzzards that have raised four young.  I was left wondering whether Buzzards would have preyed upon the young Hobby at a potential nest and in recent weeks have only seen two Hobby feeding over the recently cut fields.
With some poor, distant photographs this morning, I managed to show that one of two birds seen recently on the ground in the cut fields, is in fact a juvenile.
This is the first time I have confirmed breeding of this secretive species in Willington!
Adult bird.  Not seen feeding but was seen yesterday and again today so no doubt finding food of some description.

And the second bird alongside which is a juvenile.

And no red trousers!

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