Thursday, June 09, 2011

Stroke of Luck

Sometimes you get a bit of luck, today being no exception. I was due to join the local RSPB group on their long weekend visit to the Farnes and Northumberland today and since this little beauty turned up on Monday, I had been hoping it would hang around for me to catch up with en-route. This it did, the bird disappearing before mid-day and then seen for a short period in the evening and then again the following morning. The gathered throng around the bowling green in Olive Street, Hartlepool grew to epic proportions early in the week where scenes of panic, joy, wall-climbing and commerardary have probably not been seen in Hartlepool since war-time! The first White-throated Robin to grace the UK was in 1983 on the Isle of Man, the second in 1990 on Skokholm island, this being the 3rd and 1st mainland twitchable bird.


lulubelle said...

Hi Robin! Glad you were able to get onto this bird - what a chance of a life time, literally. I read an article in the Torygraph that said quite a large crowd showed up to see the bird and that a couple of fights broke out. I that all was well on the day you saw the bird!

Robin Edwards said...

British twitching can be a surreal experiance these days, especially when a bird gets recorded that so many people want to see. I am pretty selective with my twitching as I don't have a job that I can walk away from at a moments notice and I enjoy the occassion as much as the bird. I think the British press have over exagerated the antics that were seen in Hartlepool last week which is not unusual in my experiance. All good natured when I attended on Thursday though.