Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Swift Drink

To photograph Swifts in Willington, I find it best to go to the village pub. This year the birds seemed to turn up late but on the plus side, there does seem to be more than there were last year and they're visiting their regular nests in the roof eaves.

Photographing them has always been challenging - a bit like trying to nail aliens in a PS3 game where I fail miserably and give up leaving the kids to trump my high score with ease. To track them in flight, I need them to be far enough away which then reduces IQ when I crop but when they are really close, my reactions are much too slow. I could blame my camera of course to strengthen my business case to fund a 7D ? Worth a try.

And the beer didn't improve my reactions or the image quality either although it was quite nice. I think I need more practice!

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